The intent of the NATIONAL ANTHROPOS, an affiliate of the National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Inc. is to take part in, to assist and support the activities of the Sorority in the areas of education, youth development, social interaction, and other similar areas.

Further, their allegiance shall be first and foremost to the National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Inc. resulting from the very special relationship of its men to the women of the Sorority.


Section 1. The name of this organization shall be the NATIONAL ANTHROPOS, an affiliate of the National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Inc.

Section 2. The symbol of this organization shall be a circle with a large A, with the term Anthropos above it, following the contour of the circle in all capital letters. Subordinate to the capital A in small type letters shall be the phrase “An affiliate of the National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Inc.”

Section 3. Letterhead Design and Use

A.    The letterhead shall be dominated by the name of the organization.

B.    It shall also contain the symbol.

C.    It shall also contain the names of the elective and appointed officers.


Section 1. To bring all members in all regions into closer contact to create and maintain a productive interaction for the growth and social stability of our organization.

Section 2. To have planned programs for the membership in attendance at the national conclave.

Section 3. To voluntarily assist the National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Inc. in its variety of activities designed to promote the intent of both organizations.

Section 2.

Section 3.

Section 4.

Section 5.

Section 6.




A.    Spouses, male friends, or male relatives of Soror in good standing.

B.    Individual spouses, male friends, or male relatives and whose chapter has no Anthropos Group, but whose men in their life have been active and in good standing on his regional level.

Special Class Membership

A.    Any Widower or Surviving Male Friend or Relative of a deceased Soror shall be known as a Continuous Member, and shall remain a member, with limitation, as long as he wishes to remain in good standing.

B.    A Continuous Member is ineligible to run for elected office. Should a regular Anthropos become a Continuous Member while in elected office, the Anthropos will be allowed to complete his term; however, at the end of his term, he will not be able to run for reelection, or to run for any other elected position.

(See rules and procedures)

Admission to Membership

A.    Regular membership at Local Chapter level (Criteria to be set by local chapter).

B.    Regular membership - individual in cities where no local Chapters exist (Criteria to be set by Regional By-Laws).


The dues required of a member by the National Office shall be the amount determined by the Finance Committee, approved by the Executive Board, and accepted by the General Assembly. The organization’s Fiscal Year is from July 1 through June 30. Dues are due the 15th of December of each Fiscal Year. (See Rules and Procedures)

Termination of Membership

A.    Financially delinquent.

B.    By consequence of divorce, or the severance of the relationship between member and soror. (See Rules and Procedures)

Reinstatement of Membership

A. Criteria for reinstatement of a member not in good standing shall be determined by Regions and approved by the National Executive Committee.

Section 1.

Section 2.

Section 3.

Section 4.

Section 5.

B. These determinations must be made in the spirit of brotherhood, understanding, and derived from equitable considerations. (See Rules and Procedures)


National Officers - Elected

A.    President

B.    Vice President (Program)

C.    Recording Secretary

D.    Treasurer

E.    Financial Secretary

F.    Parliamentarian

Other National Officers

A.    Executive Advisor - the immediate past President (Statutory).

B.    Regional Presidents - Selected by each region (Statutory).

C.    Corresponding Secretary - Appointed by President

D.    Chaplain - appointed by President.

E.    Public Relations Director - Appointed by President. (See Rules and Procedures for Duties)

F.    Scholarship Liaison (Person)

G.    Historian

Eligibility for Office

A. Any member in good standing who is willing to work diligently for the highest good of the Organization must have attended two National Conferences, one of which was in the last four years, and having served as a Regional Officer for two years.


A. The term for the President is two years, after which he may succeed himself for another two year term, for one time only.


The president shall make appointments to fill any elective or presidential appointive office vacated, for the duration of the period preceding the next conclave. (See Rules and Procedures for other officers)



Section 1. Section 2.

Section 3. Section 4. Section 5.

Section 1. Section 2.

Section 1.

Section 2.

Meetings of this organization shall be held during the second and third days of Conclave.

The Recording Secretary shall maintain an official roster to indicate the host of each meeting. Any cost associated with the host sponsoring a meeting shall be the responsibility of the host chapter and/or the National Anthropos.

All meetings will be announced via letters to all regions in sufficient time to ensure adequate notification.

Twenty-five (25%) percent of members registered at Conclave shall constitute a quorum.

Special meetings may be called by the President, the Executive Board, or any fifteen members upon written request. Time to be set by the Executive Committee.


General Assembly Executive Board

The five Regional Presidents and all elected national officers. (See Rules and Procedures)



A.    Finance Committee.

B.    Audit Committee.

C.    Program Committee.

D.    Constitution and By-Laws Committee.

E.    Credentials Committee.

F.    Scholarship Committee.

G.    Nominating Committee.

H.    Membership Committee.

Finance Committee

To oversee and account for the finances of the organization. It shall devise means of collecting information and recording such information

Section 4.

Section 5.

Section 6.

Section 7.

Section 8.

and making available to the Executive Board as required. In addition, it will make recommendations of all matters pertaining to finance to the Executive Board (Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Financial Secretary, and two appointees).

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee will convene at each conclave for the purpose of auditing the books. This Audit Committee will receive from the Treasurer, Financial Secretary and Finance Committee all records pertaining to finance. It will verify the correctness of receipts and expenditures of all funds. The Treasurer, Financial Secretary and Finance Committee will be available for consultation. The Audit Committee will make a report to the General Membership as to their findings and make recommendations to correct weaknesses.

Program Committee (Vice-President)

A.    The Vice-President will chair the Program Committee, in order to assist in formulating and structuring the programs.

B.    The committee shall work out a convention program combining a suitable order of business with special features designed to promote and develop the organization as a whole.

Constitution and By-Laws

The Constitution and By-Laws Committee will continually review the By-Laws and Procedures applicable to the term of the constitution, proposing revisions to the body, after approval by the Executive Board, which will be in accord with the needs of the body.

Credentials Committee

The Credentials Committee shall be responsible for certifying that all persons present are financial and are eligible to take part in all proceedings.

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship committee Chair appointed by the President will select members for the purpose of selecting qualified candidates.

Nominating Committee

1.    The President shall appoint a nominating committee Chair with the responsibilities of preparing a slate of officers.

2.    Nominating committee shall by 6 weeks prior to the conclave notify the general assembly of all vacant offices

a.    Notification should include qualifications

b.    Request nominations at that time

3.    The Nominating committee shall establish a deadline date for receiving candidates.

Section 9.

4. The Committee shall present a slate of candidates at the conclave.

Membership Committee

1.    The President shall appoint a Membership Committee Chairperson, who is responsible to work with the Sorors to recruit new members into the Anthropos.

2.    The Chairperson will also work closely with the Financial Secretary in reclaiming members who have fallen delinquent in the past.

Section 10.

All committee reports shall be made in writing with a copy to the recording Secretary.

Section 1.


The election of officers shall be held every Conclave. Upon installation, the offices shall be declared as “filled” and will become functional.

Section 2.

Election of officers shall be every two years. Election shall be by secret ballot, by a simple majority of the general assembly.



Section 1.

The Treasurer shall receive funds from the Financial Secretary and deposit the same in such bank as the organization may elect. All checks, drafts, notes, and orders for payment of money will be signed by any two (2) of the three (3) eligible parties being the President, Treasurer and Financial Secretary, of whom shall be bonded.

Section 2.

All expenditures must be ordered by the President.



The Constitution and By-Laws may be amended at any regular meeting by a two-third vote of the members present.


Any situation not covered by our constitution and By-Laws, Roberts Rules of Order

Revised will prevail.


Special Class Membership

A. Any Widower or Surviving Male Friend or Relative of a deceased soror shall be known as a Continuous Member and shall remain a member with limitation as long as he wishes to remain in good standing.

Section 3.

Section 4.

Section 1.


A.    Dues: Shall be paid annually by a date prescribed by the Finance Committee and accepted by the General Assembly.

B.    Each Active Anthropos member will be assessed an annual per capita fee of $40.00 through his local chapter to the National Treasurer.

C.    Where no local chapter exists, a delegated Regional Officer or Committee shall notify the delinquent member, in writing of his deficiency and of the applicable sanction, as determined by the Regional, that may be imposed against him.

D.    Each active Anthropos must pay $9.00 for insurance through the local chapter Liaison. This fee has to be paid by November 30th.

Termination of Membership

A.    Termination by divorce or severance of a relationship must be initiated by the Anthropos submitting a written request for termination to the Executive Board. His membership will terminate at the end of the present fiscal year following the severance of the relationship.

B.    All terminations and reinstatements must be timely filed with Regional and National.


National Officers

A.    President

1.    President:    Should have the ability to think clearly and fair-

mindedly, to be firm as well as impartial. He should have sufficient knowledge of parliamentary procedures, and a close familiarity with the Constitution and By-Laws.

2.    President: call the meeting to order at the appointed time. To announce the business before the group in proper order; to state clearly and to put properly all questions brought before the meeting; to announce the results of each vote; inform the members on points of order; and to reserve order and control debates.

B.    Vice President

1. Vice President: The Vice President will succeed automatically to the Presidency if at time the President is not able to finish the full term of service. The Vice President shall be Chairman of the Program Committee and perform all such other duties and functions requested by the President until such time the General Assembly determines such specific duties as it needs that office to perform.

C Secretary

1.    Recording Secretary: Shall keep the minutes of the meetings. Shall be able to quickly produce the minutes of preceding meetings. The custodian of permanent records.

2.    Corresponding Secretary: Shall read to the body all papers and communications, and take care of all correspondence as directed by the President.

D.    Treasurer

1. Treasurer: Must be honest, dependable, and shall have general knowledge of handling financial records and reports. The office of the Treasurer shall be bonded.

E.    Financial Secretary

1.    Financial Secretary: The duties of the Financial Secretary shall include the acceptance of all funds coming into the organization and making and keeping a record of same. All funds collected will be turned over to the Treasurer, who shall issue a receipt

2.    Financial Secretary: Shall make a report of these receipts to the body.

F.    Parlimentarian

1. Parlimentarian: Duties shall be those prescribed by Roberts Rules of Order Revised.

G.    Chaplain

1. Chaplain: Duties shall be those prescribed by Roberts Rules of Order Revised.

Section 2.

Other National Officers

A.    National Officers: Shall be filled by men selected or appointed in accordance with national rules.

B.    Public Relations Director

1.    Public Relations Director: Shall have knowledge and ability of the

news media. Shall have understanding of the principles of good

human relations and be able to secure adequate publicity.

2.    Historian: Shall create the best possible image in the public’s


a.    History of the Anthropos

b.    Outstanding National and Regional or individual member achievements.

c.    Shall sponsor press party at Conclave.

d.    Shall send greetings and congratulations.

e.    Shall make an annual report to the Executive Board.

Section 3.

Section 4.

Section 1.

Section 1.


A. Terms: Regional National Officers are two years and those offices may succeed themselves for additional terms.


A.    Vacancies: The Executive Advisor’s Office, if vacated, shall remain vacant until the incumbent succeeds to the office.

B.    Vacancies:    The Executive Advisor’s duties will be assumed by the

Executive Board until the position is filled.

Article VI


Executive Board

A.    Executive Board: Shall be responsible for overseeing the operations of the organization. It shall carry out policies and Adhere to the constitution and By-Laws. Supervision and administration are inherent to its responsibilities.

B.    Executive Board: Shall have general supervision of the affairs of the organization between meetings to:

1.    Fix the hour and place of meeting.

2.    Make recommendations as necessary.

3.    Perform such duties as specified in the By-Laws that may be assigned by the body.

C.    Executive Board: Along with the program Committee shall establish an agenda for meetings and other affairs for the convenience of the Anthropos at each Conclave.



A.    The President shall, prior to hearing slate, appoint tellers to prepare the ballots.

B.    The Nominating Committee presents slate which shall be signed by all and decided by a majority.

C.    The President appoints The Election Committee to determine members eligible to vote.

D.    After The Nominating Committee presentation, the Chairman of the Nominating Committee shall take nominations from the floor.

E.    After nominations are closed, the candidates will be allowed to give biographical sketch (two minutes oral).

F.    The chair shall instruct on the folding of the ballots, and balloting begins.

G.    The Chair closes polls after all ballots have been taken.

H.    Ballots are counted and tallied on board.

I.    The Chair declares results.

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